Why Working Here Rocks!

By Nico Jansen, Lead Consultant


While at recruitment events, I get asked about why I enjoy working at Isaac. That’s a fair question, after all these young recent grads are trying to decide where to embark on their career journey. What they are exposed to will shape the direction of their life, and future opportunities. I was once in their shoes, trying to decide where to go once I graduate. Will I like it there?

The Exposure

I could say it’s the excitement of visiting so many different clients across a variety of industries with different problems. I’ve had the chance to work on 3,000 tonne ships as well as re-processing and re-using tankers of industrial lubricant. I’ve enjoyed working on the intricacies of simple things, like making paintballs explode on the target but not in the gun, and re-stocking grocery store shelves with the right amount of produce. These things can be intensely interesting to someone with a curious mind, I mean, who doesn’t want to live inside an episode of “How It’s Made”? But these are not real the reasons why I like working at Isaac.

The Fun

It could also be about how much fun the workday can be when you are working with people you actually enjoy spending time with. Isaac does a great job recruiting some very like-minded individuals, almost eerily so. It’s incredibly rare to find a workplace where you’re taking calls from management and peers at 6pm on a Friday, just because it’s more than likely an invitation for a beer, or a spare concert ticket just popped up. But I think workplace friendships can be common, so it’s not the main reason either as to why I like Isaac, it’s just a great added perk that we’re good friends too.

The Culture

Of course, the company culture is something else! One that prizes open and honest communication above all else. If you really like something, we want to hear about it. If you don’t like something, we want to hear about it. If you want to change something for the better, we want you to go change it. The company is one that puts a premium on flexibility and balance. You will get the opportunity to set your own hours, plan your own projects, build your own teams, and strive for the best, each and every time. There’s nothing that has been done that cannot be improved upon in some way, so we expect our consultants to improve upon it, and themselves. Now, this brings me to what I really enjoy about working at Isaac.

The Learning

The learning opportunities that are available to consultants are second to none. There is a constant, and obsessive, focus on development that is instilled in you from Day 1. If there is one thing you find out quickly, it is this – you can get better… and we want to help. There is nothing quite like the feedback system at Isaac. Feedback is accurate, direct, timely, and most importantly constructive. Even when it is tough to hear, its purpose is helpful.

No one is immune, from our president to the newest consultant, we expect everyone to be constantly improving. Mistakes are encouraged, as long as you take away a lesson. You will be given responsibilities beyond your years, you will be pushed to step outside your comfort zone and take on real business problems that seem insurmountable, as well as goals that seem beyond ambition. You will be expected to deliver on solutions to these problems, and achieve these goals, however you will not do so alone. There is a support network surrounding you, from leaders setting milestones and helping with planning and direction, to supporting peer team members delivering discrete chunks with you that contribute to a larger overall plan. You will grow with the business and play many roles within these teams, and you will always become better. I know this because Isaac recognizes and rewards people for becoming better. Better, personally and professionally. You will have experiences people can take a lifetime to live and it will arm you with wisdom beyond your years.

The People

And this is the real reason why working at Isaac is enjoyable, you work with some unbelievably good people who want to see you develop to your full potential and push you to exceed what you thought you were only just capable of. It’s a collaborative team made up of people who surprise you every day with their ability to step up, buckle down, think clearly, and do what it takes to get the job done. Think the complete opposite of every school group project you have ever been on. If you want to become the best, learn from the best. You’re not competing with each other, you’re learning. This means you will deliver more quickly, recognize more opportunity, communicate more freely, and most importantly become a more effective person.


Do you strive for a lifelong education, but want to get your hands dirty? Feel free to check out our reviews on Glassdoor or attend one of our upcoming information sessions. When you work with Isaac, every day is a school day. The more you learn, the more you grow.



Originally published September 26, 2017