We’re delighted and honoured to have been recognized as this year marks Isaac’s 15th anniversary. Over those years, one of the key cornerstones of our success is our culture. We’ve built a transparent one: with 2-way open communication, engagement at all levels and fun along the way. On top of that, we’ve built some killer programs with a direct focus on our employee’s experience.


Some Perks & Programs As To Why We Consider Ourselves To Be The Best Workplace:


Progression Curve: Based performance in appraisals, employees are promoted on a regular basis. They are trained to progress to an executive level. This can occur at 8 years to be a Director.

Mentorship: Senior consultants are paired with junior ones to meet monthly to discuss their progress towards professional growth. There is also Peer Mentor groups who meet just as frequently to support each other.

Regular Appraisals: Two types exist. 1) biannual appraisals which takes 3-4 hours

2) mini-appraisals every 2 weeks that are 15-30 minutes. This ensures a constant touch base and focus on the progression of projects and goals both from the perspective of the client and for the professional development of each employee.

Review Day: Every other Friday for the full day, the whole company gets together to celebrate department and project wins. The whole company then breaks out into mini sessions where peers go into more detail and work collaboratively on different issues or share best practices.

Isaac Socials: Building upon the team and engaged culture, Isaac hosts regular events for all staff that include things such as Activity nights and days, bi-weekly Review Nights, volunteering, Christmas and summer parties to name a few.

Motivation: Weekly surveys are conducted to take a pulse of employee engagement. It includes key metrics such as Personal Growth, Recognition, Relationships, Happiness and Satisfaction. Each time meets weekly to discuss the results and implement processes or programs to address concerns.

We don’t work weekends!


These are just a few of our perks that we know has helped us build this award winning culture.

Over the next few years, our strategic focus is going to be on continuing to build upon this amazing culture we have created. There is always more we can do. Now that we have been recognized as a best workplace, we wouldn’t be performance improvement consultants if we didn’t strive to make ourselves better than that best!